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Author - English Treasure Trove

Book of the Week – The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

If you want a laugh out loud story which deals with fear and anxiety about going to school, then Mo Willem’s ‘The Pigeon HAS to GO to School’ is a perfect choice for your readers. The pigeon’s thoughts and fears are presented and dealt with in a fun and simple way. Students who need a little reassurance or encouragement will relate to pigeon and hopefully be inspired by his decision in the end!

Halloween Treats

The creative team at English Treasure Trove have come up with some spookily special materials to help make our classrooms and home that extra bit creepy for Halloween. With lots to choose from including worksheets, games, flashcards, posters and vocabulary mats, English Treasure Trove has something for everyone! Visit now www.englishtreasuretrove.com

萬聖節小驚喜 (Halloween Treats)
English Treasure Trove 的創意團隊設計了一些既特別,又讓你毛骨悚然的教材,為你的教室或家中增添一抹恐怖的節日色彩。我們有多款教材供你選擇,包括: 工作紙、遊戲、生字卡、海報和生字墊,總有一款適合你!請即登上www.englishtreasuretrove.com。


World Animal Day

世界動物日 (World Animal Day)
今天是世界動物日。為慶祝這特別的一天,English Treasure Trove 團隊設計了大量工作紙及活動,讓學生在更了解自己喜愛的動物的同時,提升英語水平。請即登上www.englishtreasuretrove.com了解更多。


World Animal Day

October 4th is World Animal Day and to celebrate, the English Treasure Trove team has created a whole host of worksheets and activities to develop our language skills, all while learning about our favourite animals. Go to www.englishtreasuretrove.com to find out more.


Comic Book Day 2017

Comic Book Day

When parents ask me how to encourage their children to read, I always tell them that children should be encouraged to read texts they are interested in. Comics are a wonderful resource to use with reluctant readers because with few words and more pictures, students can enjoy the story without having to feel under pressure to understand each and every word. Go to www.englishtreasuretrove.com to download some fun comic templates and activities to use with your students today!

We LOVE Elephants

我們愛大象 (We LOVE Elephants)

Today is Elephant Appreciation Day and to celebrate, our creative team have designed some wonderful materials to help students to learn more about these beautiful animals. Check them out on www.englishtreasuretrove.com