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Comic Book Day 2017

Comic Book Day

When parents ask me how to encourage their children to read, I always tell them that children should be encouraged to read texts they are interested in. Comics are a wonderful resource to use with reluctant readers because with few words and more pictures, students can enjoy the story without having to feel under pressure to understand each and every word. Go to www.englishtreasuretrove.com to download some fun comic templates and activities to use with your students today!

We LOVE Elephants

我們愛大象 (We LOVE Elephants)

Today is Elephant Appreciation Day and to celebrate, our creative team have designed some wonderful materials to help students to learn more about these beautiful animals. Check them out on www.englishtreasuretrove.com

World Gratitude Day


Today is World Gratitude Day! Being thankful for all that we have is something that we don’t always remember to be. Encourage children to be mindful of gratitude by downloading our gratitude journal worksheets.

感恩 (Gratitude)

Being Respectful

尊重他人 (Being Respectful)


Today is Respect Day.
Respect is taught through behaviour. We learn to be respectful by watching others showing kindness, understanding and love towards other people. We understand respect when it is shown towards us. As educators, parents and care-givers, we have an important role in promoting this important virtue. It is important to remember that children learn respect by being shown respect and to provide opportunities where we can demonstrate, encourage and praise respectful behaviour.
To download our respect posters, go to www.englishtreasuretrove.com


Celebrating Roald Dahl Day

September 13th is the day when celebrate one of our favourite authors, Roald Dahl. Lighting up our lives with colourful characters such as Matilda, Willy Wonka and Miss Trunchbull, Dahl ensured that his stories brought fun and humour to children and adults alike. Sadly, Roald Dahl is no longer with us, however his stories will live in our hearts and minds forever!


Let’s have fun at school!

We all know that children love to have fun so creating fun environments is a great way to ensure that students engage with new topics and materials. This simple “I Spy” game does just that! It can be used in the classroom as a whole class activity, with the teacher competing against the students or it can be played in pairs or small groups.  Parents and caregivers can also use this game to encourage their young learners to speak English at home, all while having fun! Available now to download www.englishtreasuretrove.com

That time of year again!

Welcome back to school students, parents and educators. We hope that you have a great start to your school year. Here at English Treasure Trove, we are uploading new and exciting games, activities and worksheets every day. Join our standard or premium membership to have 24-hour access to our huge library. Don’t forget to visit our shops to see what new products we have in store. And don’t forget, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send us an email and our creative team will be happy to help!

Just for Mum!

We’ve been busy preparing materials to help celebrate Mother’s Day. Our mum’s are very special, so our creative team have designed some beautiful worksheets and activities. Acrostic poem templates, flower adjectives, word mats, writing activities and of course, Mother’s Day cards and much, much more. Join our membership today and download all our materials for free.


Welcome to English Treasure Trove, the trusted home of English educational materials.  We lovingly create worksheets, workbooks, games and activities to promote English language learning and aim to support students, teachers and parents by offering all the ingredients needed to create positive and motivational learning environments. Join our membership to have year-round access to all our materials or go to our shop and choose to purchase a selection of exciting resources. We are always updating our libraries and welcome your suggestions and feedback so please get in touch with us.  Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just drop us an email and our creative team will get back to you. Happy learning!